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Java Software Engineer



Software Engineering
Bucharest, Romania
Posted on Wednesday, July 26, 2023

👋🏻 Hi, we are FintechOS!

We are on a mission to transform how people engage with everyday financial services. Using innovative tools and a deep understanding of the customer journey, our mission is to bring effortless, personalized experiences to everyone.

We empower organizations to become truly customer-centric, helping them to adopt a data-driven approach, and consolidate critical data from multiple sources like databases, legacy systems or IoT devices. This connectivity accelerates processing, automation, and the delivery of a streamlined experience. Our tech integrates customer data at every level of the customer journey - from the product catalog to the app. These capabilities free our clients to tailor products, workflows, and interactions to a segment of one.

FintechOS Lighthouse, our customer-centric platform for banking enables the delivery of smarter, profitable products and personalized experiences. Pre-built functionality and low code empower organizations to create value quickly. Move away from legacy systems or keep them in place - it is all possible. FintechOS NorthStar, our customer-centric platform for insurance lets insurers deliver clever products, at a faster rate. Our platform makes continuous innovation and fast go-to-market a reality. At the same time, it reduces costs via end-to-end digital customer journeys and increases efficiency.

About the role:

The Java Developer will play an important role in designing and implementing solutions for identity and access management, system integration, asynchronous processing and BPMN engine customized logic.

What you’ll do:

Collaborate with the development team and stakeholders to understand project requirements and technical specifications related to financial technology integrations.

Design, develop, and implement end-to-end Java solutions.

Implement RESTful APIs and web services to facilitate data exchange between our platform and third-party financial systems, ensuring security and compliance with industry standards.

Participate in code reviews, debugging, and troubleshooting to ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of the applications.

Optimize and enhance existing codebase to improve system performance and overall user experience.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including product managers, UI/UX designers, and QA engineers, to deliver high-quality software solutions on schedule.

Stay up to date with industry best practices, emerging technologies, and trends related to Java development and financial technology integrations.

Mentor and assist junior developers, fostering a collaborative and knowledge-sharing environment within the development team.

Continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of integrated systems, identifying areas for improvement and implementing necessary changes.

What you’ll need:

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Software Engineering, or a related field. Relevant work experience may substitute for formal education.

Proven work experience as a Java Developer with a deep understanding of the language, including core concepts, data structures, and design patterns. Strong knowledge and practical experience in OOP principles and practices

Solid understanding of financial technology concepts and integration patterns in the financial sector.

Proficiency in Java programming language and related frameworks, such as Spring Boot.

Experience with messaging protocols, such as JMS, AMQP, or MQTT.

Hands-on experience with RESTful APIs, web services, and data formats like JSON and XML.

Knowledge of containerization technologies like Docker and orchestration tools like Kubernetes is a plus.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), Experience with CI/CD pipelines and automation tools like Jenkins or GitLab CI is valuable.

Testing and Quality Assurance, experience with writing unit tests using frameworks like JUnit and using tools like Mockito for mocking dependencies.

Performance Optimization, experience in optimizing Java applications for better performance and memory management.

Security Best Practices, strong understanding of Java application security principles and best practices, including protection against common vulnerabilities like SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).

Concurrency and Multithreading, well-versed in handling concurrent programming and understanding potential pitfalls related to multithreading.

Familiarity with cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP) and related services for deployment and scalability.

Software Design and Architecture, ability to design scalable, maintainable, and modular software solutions.

Troubleshooting and debugging, skilled in identifying and resolving complex technical issues efficiently. Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, agile development environment.

Excellent communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams.

Experience working in a start-up or entrepreneurial environment is advantageous, showcasing adaptability and a self-starter mentality.

Nice to have:

Experience Micro-service, Micro frontend, or Backend for frontend architecture

Good understanding of software development processes (BDD, TDD or DDD)

Good understanding of design principles (SOLID, ACID, KISS, DRY, YAGNI

Our culture

We are a highly motivated bunch of people, taking on a huge technical challenge in one of the biggest industries in the world. We are fully aware that the impact of our work can be felt by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

At FintechOS, we strive to be the place where a diverse mix of talented people want to come, to stay, and do their best work. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in our people, our partners, and our customers. We are fully focused on equality and believe deeply in diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national origin and all the other wonderful characteristics that make us different.

Quick facts

  • We are a venture-backed business started in 2017 with an extensive list of international clients already under our belt, serving customers in Europe, UK, and North America
  • Scaling globally at a high speed: 200+ people, 3 countries, with 100% YOY growth rate over the last years
  • More than 40+ institutions run on FintechOS technology including Erste Bank, Société Générale, Scotiabank, Nationale-Nederlanden, Hyperion Insurance Group, Vienna Insurance Group and many more. We operate in 20 markets, across four continents with a total of $85bn in assets under management and we have offices in London, Amsterdam, and Bucharest (soon opening in Dubai, Singapore, and New York)
  • FintechOS is 2020’s hottest FinTech Startup, according to the Europa's Awards, an event launched in 2009 by TechCrunch’s editor-at-large, Mike Butcher, to recognize and celebrate the innovation emerging from Europe’s burgeoning tech startup scene
  • FAST 50 & FAST 500 ranked by Deloitte amongst top technology companies in Europe and EMEA