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Senior Software Engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Monday, July 1, 2024

A little bit about Flanks

Flanks is a Barcelona-based fintech company focused on wealth management services. Its main product is a SaaS solution that helps financial advisors, family offices and other institutions to have a holistic view of their clients’ financial assets while using the latest scraping technology. We’re currently building the benchmark in the OpenWealth industry, and so far we managed to have compatibility with over 300 national and international entities.

Thanks to our clients, we continue to grow at a fast pace. We have already more than 300,000 aggregated portfolios spread across nearly 300 entities and have positioned our business at break-even in less than a year. In August 2021, Flanks raised €2.3 million in an investment round led by JME Ventures and SeedRocket 4Founders Capital. And a significant €7.5 million in August 2023, demonstrating confidence in our vision and capabilities.

We are pioneers in our market in Spain, which will certainly grow a lot in the next few months and years. However, we are going to take a league leap in terms of the volumetry of the system, as our key focus now is to accelerate our market expansion in Europe and LatAm. And we would like to count on you to also grow (personally and professionally) with us.

Flanks’s values are:

  • People first: To us, the most important thing is for “Flankers” to feel at ease, for them to get involved in a project and be feel part of the team.
  • Keep growing: Our team believes that people growing in lockstep with the company is essential, both personally and professionally.
  • Think twice, act once: We like to think about all the possible consequences before taking any decision that could affect the team or our clients.

If you’re looking to grow professionally in a very fast-growing company with an exciting start-up culture, this is your opportunity!

The Data Team

We are a technical team responsible for the ingestion, processing and delivery of the data our customers consume.

Due to the company's growth in the last year, we are facing a different types of challenges that we hope you will help solve. Some of them include:

  • Create and maintain end-user facing interfaces to securely store credentials. A very good UI and UX skills will be crucial for the success in this area.
  • Store and update sensible financial data in a perfomant, compliant and traceable way. We have a distributed system where multiple things can happen at the same time.
  • Improve the scalability of our ingestion system. We fetch data from multiple different sources and we will need to do it more and faster.
  • Manage and mentor a growing team. We are growing fast and we are going to face challenges in terms of alignment and consistency with all our staff.

About the role

This is a senior role. We expect someone with experience and opinions who can lead projects to completion. We are not looking for one-person-company: you will have an important voice in technical decisions, but you will be part of a team and your ability to compromise will be important. You will have more latitude in some areas than others.

We're not looking for someone who can solve all the problems in the Data Team and knows about absolutely everything. We are looking for several people with overlapping skills. You will work with others that will help fill the gaps we have, as you will do with them. We will be happy either if you have a broad set of knowledge or you are a specialist in one of the following areas:

  • Front-end development and building SPAs with JS/Typescript
  • Data modelling and database performance
  • Running and operating workloads in Kubernetes
  • Strong algorithmic and or statistical skills
  • ETL workloads

In your day to day, you will code and review other people's code. You will also be involved in incident response (not off-hours, not on-call) for the areas you are working on. You will also be involved in manufacturing the roadmap of the team and it will be your responsibility to follow it. As a senior, we expect not only technical competence but also that you'll help our most junior folks grow. You will not only be reviewed on your individual performance but on the performance of the team.

We expect you to follow-up on the solutions you deliver. Your job will not finish when the code is merged.

We are not following any agile or waterfall framework. We try to do whats most important at every moment. However, we are very flexible in that regard and you'll be able to shape how the projects you're working on are organized.

    Our tech stack

    • Python on our back-end, using async frameworks and tooling for most parts.
    • Vue in our front-ends.
    • Running on GKE
    • Powered by MongoDB and PostgreSQL
    • Also, Github, Github actions, Redis, RabbitMQ and other usual suspects.

    Things we'd love to see on you

    • You are a nice person: Bigotry and toxic behavior won’t be tolerated.
    • You are absolutely autonomous at coding. You work won't need to be reviewed for correctness.
    • You know your way around collaborating with others using standard tooling (git, github PR's, etc).
    • You are a good communicator who knows how to express problems, solutions and trade-offs.
    • On the other hand, you know how to read and understand job offers. You can triage what's important and what's not.
    • You know how to prioritize. Some things are more important or urgent than others.
    • You can work with both legacy and greenfield code
    • You take ownership of problems.
    • You have some knowledge about wealth management (investments, currencies, crypto, etc.)
    • You live in Barcelona City and/or close enough to come to the office a few times a month. Living in Spain is a mandatory and non-negotiable requirement.
    • You have working English and Spanish proficiency.
    • You have experience in similar roles. We're looking for someone with some lessons already learned.
    • You are familiar with the technologies we use or similar ones.
    • You have managed teams before, at least as a tech lead.
    You don't need to check all the boxes, but these are things we are going to value. The more close you are to this description, more likely we will be interested in your application.

      What can we offer

      We offer what we think is fair compensation (from 50K to 60K € per year for this role). We're not on the very top of the market, but our intention is to increase compensation as you grow with the company. You will not be left behind. We believe this is a really nice time to join the project as we'll experience some serious growth and changes during this year.

      This is a full-time, permanent contract. A non-exhaustive list of perks includes:

      🏠 Office between Sants Estació and Plaça Espanya, with a 280 degree view of Barcelona.

      🔆 Flexible working hours

      🎊 Paid time off on your birthday

      🍒 Fresh fruit every week, all-you-can-drink tea and coffee

      🍻 Friday happy hours after our monthly team meetings

      😎 Team building events

      🙀 Personal holidays swap inside the same month

      🍽️ Digital canteen with Nora in our offices subsidized at 50%.

      🏥 Health insurance with Alan

      💸 Flexible remuneration with Alan

      📚 Yearly training budget

      Note that for this role we can’t offer a relocation package and/or working visa.

      The hiring process

      This is how the usual hiring process looks like:

      1. An online meeting to talk about you, our team and this position.
      2. You come to our office for an in-site challenge where we're going to face you with a tech problem and work along with you on how to solve it.

      We expect a few days to pass between each step. We aim for a process as short as one week and never longer than one month.

      If you think you meet most of the criteria described above, don’t hesitate to send us your CV and/or cover letter. We will be happy to hear from you!

      Flanks is deeply committed to diversity, equity and inclusion both in our hiring practices and in our experiences as a Flanks employee. We’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer, and encourage all applicants regardless of race, religion, or belief (if any), nationality, ethnic or national origin, gender, gender identity, pregnancy and maternity, sexual orientation, age, marital and civil partnership status, or disability status.